Physical Collectibles


Multiple highest level security hologram layers and private key prints

smearproof, scratchproof, damp-proof, chemical-resistant, UV-resistance, temperature range -30° to +90° Celcius

  • Gradient colour movement
  • Acromatic white effect
  • Multiple colour effect
  • Sparkling effect
  • Kinetic effect
  • CLR area
  • Lens with nano text
  • Ultraviolet light effect

Our Other Features

Six reasons why to buy Moonbits - Physical Coins

weighs approx 18.3 grams

MoonBits Physical Coins offer the true metal-coin experience with a smooth finish

pubkey (text + QR)

The public key is printed as a QR code and in plain text.

perfect giveaway

he perfect gift for your crypto and non-crypto friends.

made in Germany

Fully produced in Germany under strict quality guidelines.

vacuum-sealed box

Order a MoonBits box and receive a vacuum-sealed box including 25 fully funded coins.

great collector item

Rare crypto coins have shown to be one of the best performing collectible items.

MoonBits Series

You can find a short overview of the MoonBits Collectables here.


Gökhan Köse

Moonbits physical cryptocoins are the best way for me to educate people in crypto. The ability that you actually can touch your coins builds a bridge to the real world. Highly recommended!

Denis Koray

Bitcoin Informant
I know the team behind moonbits very well. The bitcore and limx dev team delivered multiple times great developments for the community. Unfortunatly it is really difficult to get one.


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